Nîmes and its Roman Arenas

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Nîmes and its Roman Arenas

Situated between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains of the Cévennes, the city is on the very busy axis connecting(binding) the low valley of the Rhône with the plain from the Languedoc.

Populated with 150 564 inhabitants on January 1st, 2013, the city of Nîmes knows in summer a notable influx of tourists come visit its monuments and participate in its ferias and festivals.

The foundation of Nîmes goes back to the Antiquity(Antique). Of Roman period, Nîmes can of monuments such as arenas(bullrings), the Square House or still the tower Hurries at the foot of which one(which) is situated the site of the sanctuary of the Fountain. This antique rich past is worth to him(her) the nickname of ” French Rome “.

City at the same time Roman, from the Camargue, from Cévennes, from the Languedoc, Provençal and Hispanic, fief protesting for the XVIth century and production site of fabrics from the XVIIIth century, with in particular the painting denim, Nîmes possesses a plentiful culture and a history and stays a city in strong identity.

The valuation of its historical, cultural and architectural heritage allowed the city to obtain the city label of art and history. Since 2012, a date of its registration on the French indicative list, Nîmes works its application file on the theme “Nîmes, the Antiquity in the present” for the registration of the city bimillenary in the UNESCO world heritage

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